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So if you’re like me you probably already have a particular blender in mind. Today I’m going to share with you which one I selected and why I chose it over the other two.

When you think of a blender what comes to mind naturally? Is it a smoothie you can enjoy on a hot summer evening, maybe a protein shake after an intense workout, or is it simply a machine capable of doing exactly what you want it to do?

A few things you may want to consider before you go out there and pick just anything are serving size (I’ll touch on that in a few), storage space, and last but not least quality.

The first blender I purchased comes in at number two, the Nutri-Bullet and I can honestly say it was well worth it. The first thing I noticed was that it was super sleek which was perfect for the amount of counter space I had at the time. The kit came with everything I needed and there was no need to look any further.

In the number one spot we have the Vitamix, which is the one I currently use. I know, earlier I said there was no need to look further but the quantity isn’t the only thing that sets these two apart in my opinion. This kit also comes with a few more useful items like the two to-go storage containers which allows me to continue my day with my ready made drinks / meals. With the pulse feature and 10 speeds to choose from, you’re also pretty much unlimited in terms of what you want to use it for. This thing can puree baby food and make you a hot soup for dinner and that’s not all. Ice cream, nut butters, dips and spreads even dressings!

I hope this blog helps! if you have any comments please feel free to drop a review. As always, happy hunting and be sure to check out the links I’ve posted for more great info.


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